IMS 2018 - International Motorcycle Show in New York

The International Motor Show (IMS) in New York City is an annual event that showcases the latest in automotive technology and design. The show features a wide range of new car models from manufacturers all over the world, including domestic and foreign brands. Visitors can expect to see the latest in electric and hybrid vehicles, concept cars, and luxury vehicles.

The IMS also includes exhibits and displays from aftermarket and accessory companies, offering attendees a chance to see the latest in car-related products and services. Many manufacturers also use the event as an opportunity to unveil new models or technologies, making it a must-see event for car enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

In addition to the exhibits, the IMS also usually features interactive displays and activities, such as test drives and ride-and-drive events, which allow visitors to get a firsthand look at the cars and experience them on the road. The IMS is one of the most popular auto shows in the country and it attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.

It is a great opportunity to see the latest trends in the auto industry and to learn about new vehicles, technologies, and products that will shape the future of the industry. It also provides a great chance to meet with manufacturers and industry leaders and to network with other car enthusiasts and industry professionals.

NYC Progressive International Motorcycle Show 2018 (#IMS 2018) brought major players in the motorcycle world to New York City. IMS events are hosted at the Jacob Javits Convention Center annually. Last year's event, #IMS 2017, presented a similar number of companies. IMS 2018 was missing the Russian company Ural. However, it was replaced by the Indian motorcycle company Royal. I noticed more workshops and vendors participating in the show this year.BMW Retro at NYC Motorcycle Show 2018

Indian Motorcycle Sweepstakes

International Motorcycle Show in NYC 2018 at Jacob Javits Convention center
What am I seeing here? Is this china? It looks really cool anyway. If you zoom in, you will see small automotive theme elements (cars and motorcycles) presented on every part of the motorcycle painted exterior

International Motorcycle Show in NYC 2018 at Jacob Javits Convention center
promo model photo shoot? Or just to promote and popularize someone's instagram account?

Luxury Designed Motorcycle
I thought that jewelry giant Taffany Co. decided to open its own line of luxury motorcycles (just based on this bikes color choice. Looks very fancy!

The Hate Tank. Customized Motorcycles
The Hate Tank! Custom Bikes at their own contest row

Customizing Leather Jacket for a real biker, few last stitches
Customizing Leather Jacket for a real biker, few last stitches

IMS2018 Exhibitor List
Exhibitor List

Variety of shapes and colors

Kawasaki Z400. Super Green
Kawasaki Z400 at IMS2018. Super Green

Ducati - movie superstar
Ducati - movie superstar


Russ Brown - Motorcycle Attorneys Booth. 1-800-4-bikers
Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys Booth. 1-800-4-bikers